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Whether you have a new driver in your household just starting out or you've been driving for years, let our program help you develop a better understanding of vehicle dynamics and what driving is really about. Explore additional driving techniques in REAL TIME from the drivers POV (Point-Of-View) to assist you in becoming a more knowledgeable, confident, and safe driver with our Driving Unplugged program. Enroll now FOR FREE and have unlimited access to our program 24/7 365 days a year. Please consider DONATING to our program so we can continue bringing you updated videos.

Driving is one of the most dangerous things you do in your daily life. Driving is about feel. It's all about connecting the driver to the vehicle. Understanding what physical input the vehicle needs to accomplish what the driver expects. It's about non-thinking. It's about the Drivers Triangle - the rule of 3. It's about getting to your destination safely. It is not about being perfect . . . it's about being safe.

Steve Buckley's Bio

  • Mr. Buckley is a member of the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists and began his driving career in 1979. Steve spent 38 years as a professional Stunt / Precision Driver for films and television (including commercials for dozens of automobile manufacturers). He started teaching performance driving in 1992 and spent 18 years at the International Stunt School and Motorsports Driving Academy teaching advanced driving techniques geared towards the entertainment industry and private sector. In 2002, he become a state of Oregon certified Drivers Education Instructor and is the only person to hold the title of 'Master' Instructor from his prior driving school position. During his 20-year career in the Driver Education field, Mr. Buckley has been one of the most requested behind-the-wheel instructors. Mr. Buckley is also a DMV (Oregon) certified 3rd party drive test examiner.  
  • Steve has been featured in the very popular 'Top Gear' magazine twice. Steve has been featured on the E TV show 'Stunt Stars and on the History Channel's "This Week In History". In 2007, he became the first certified (trained in Edmonton, AB) Trainer of Trainers in the state of Oregon for 'DriveAble' - a medical assessment program evaluating medical clients on their ability to operate a vehicle safely. In addition, Steve was a senior driving instructor for the Tactical Response Academy specializing in the training of law enforcement, fire, and EMS drivers. If all of that wasn't enough, he is also the former host of the  'Survive The Drive' Radio talk show - AM 1360 KUIK.    

  • Mr. Buckley has trained over 1600 performance drivers and over 15,000 Corporate/Private Drivers. In addition, he has administered over 3000 state certified drive tests. Mr. Buckley is a graduate of The British School Of Motor Racing, Frank Hawley AA Funny Car School, Jim Russell Counter-Terrorism Driving School, Skip Barber Racing School, Bob Bondurant School Of High Performance Driving, and FLETC (Federal Law Enforcement Training Center - Glynco, GA). Steve is a graduate of the Oregon state certified W.O.U Behind The Wheel Instructor Course. 

  • During his driving career, Mr. Buckley has been hired as a motorcade security specialist for bands, celebrities and athletic teams: Van Halen (3 times), The Eagles, P.Diddy, Jimmy Buffett, Reba McEntire, Backstreet Boys, The Spice Girls, Tom Petty, Billy Joel, Neil Diamond (Twice), Elton John, Metallica, UCLA Football Team, USC Football Team, Gen. Colin Powell, Tony Robbins, and Benny Hinn to name a few. 

Some Former Clients

of Mr. Buckley's

Motorcade Security Detail Clients

One on One Drive Consulting w/ Pro Drive Consulting

Think of us as your private driving advisor. We offer those in need of personalized driving advice a chance to address and discuss their concerns. These sessions are conducted through our parent company, Pro Drive Consulting (with Steve Buckley) via phone, Zoom or FaceTime. Please contact us for further information. In person sessions are available in and around the Portland, Oregon metro area.


“I trained with Mr. Buckley some years back and WOW, what this man can do with a car will amaze you! When I trained with Steve I hadn't even driven in the United States yet so I had to overcome my English driving style from the other side of the road, and that was rather tricky. By the end of my training I was able to competently perform all the basic stunt driving elements required; reverse 180, 90-degree stop to a camera mark, close proximity driving, and other driving skills. But, my biggest strength was my overall confidence in my driving ability. In my book, Mr. Buckley is the man! A driver that not only can perform but teach . . . a rare commodity.”

D.R. Cook - Stuntman

“As a fleet manager for a company that works with some of the most fragile members of society, safe drivers are essential. Bringing on Steve as a driver trainer has helped my company put hundreds of safe drivers behind the wheel of my company’s cars, vans, and mobility vehicles. His attention to detail, breadth of knowledge, ability to help drivers focus and positive attitude have helped put drivers at ease and made them better motorists both in and out of company vehicles. My company’s partnership with Steve has resulted in a reduction of collisions and driving infractions, which has, in turn, resulted in savings to the company. ”

Andrew R.

“I had the privilege to participate in a classroom and practical learning opportunity with Steve. His instructions and guidance were clear and concise. His explanations were meaningful and allowed me to see a more global perspective to the whole scenario (not just from my seat). He remained calm and communicated in a way that generated trust and understanding. His use of humor was appropriate and made for a fun and positive experience (all while remaining professional). I would highly recommend learning from Steve Buckley. ”

Kate S. - TVF&R (Ret)

“I heard some cool tunes coming from the car. Steve was jammin’ and looking cool with one arm hanging out the window. He sped toward us and did a perfect slide up to the crowd. His placement was within inches of our feet, and he was exactly parallel. It was nothing short of impressive. His execution was ideal. He threw open the door and said someone could get in the car with him. I was elated, and jumped in. He drove back to the opposite side of the tarmac, talking about a song called Copperhead Road that his kids had put on the playlist he was listening to (again, cool) and asked if I was ready. I unabashedly said yes and we raced toward the crowd- he slid the car into place at a 90, and was lined up perfectly once more. I was close enough to give someone a high five out of the passenger window. It was epic. Steve Buckley was fun— he taught us some great close proximity precision driving drills and we had some fun time working moves with the e-brakes. He even has the crew spray down the lot and mix in some dish soap so we could experience the differences with driving on wet/dry terrain. The safety briefing, he gave kept us all safe the days we trained with him, and we all had a blast. He had me excited to wake up and drive. I’d love to learn from Steve again. He’s a great teacher— fun, chill, helpful, talented, and so consistent. I really appreciate that he gave honest feedback and told me when my driving was looking like hot trash, and when it was looking great. He gets a 10/10 rating from me. I’m a big fan. -”

Talyn Edelson, stunt double and actress in Los Angeles, CA

“I wanted to give you some feedback about our most recent experience with Steve Buckley. My daughter, Raechel, took driving lessons and was taking her 2nd driving test yesterday – Nov 17th. She was obviously very nervous. The driving instructor who took her out for her second test was Steve. In a word, Steve was incredible with her. He didn’t talk down to her and expressed confidence that she can do this. He immediately recognized that Raechel was very nervous and he called it out. Then he went into an explanation about how being nervous results in gripping the steering wheel too tightly and then everything else gets tight – you don’t move your head around, you don’t have a relaxed driving position, etc. He said, the only thing I’m going to say during your test is if I see you gripping the steering wheel too tightly I’m simply going to remind you to relax your hands, the rest is up to you. Then he shifted gears and asked her where she goes to school. She told him Edison (which she is reticent about telling people because of the reputation that dumb kids go there). Usually, she tells people she goes to Jesuit because Edison is on the Jesuit campus. Anyway, when Steve saw how she tentatively told him “Edison,” he immediately said, “I get it.” He told her he was one of the first students at Edison and that had a huge positive impact on her. Then they got up and headed out and on the way out of the room he said “you got this.” When they returned and she had passed, Steve took the time to review what she still needs to work on and gave her some strategies to help her that nicely matched her style of learning. He told Raechel he wanted her to talk out loud as she was driving and making decisions about what to do. I thought this was brilliant and it totally resonated with her. What I really appreciated about how he handled the post-test drive was impressing upon Raechel that learning to be a good driver is more than passing a driving test and instead is an ongoing process.”

A Grateful Dad

“I passed on my first attempt at the driving test with a score of 97, I did well today thanks to your guidance. I would like to thank you for teaching me and getting me comfortable behind the wheel.”

Sheeyra R

“The day I was hired to be a motorcycle escort Mr. Buckley gave me a run-through of the bike & what was required in the job. In all things, he was patient and kind and explained things in such a way we understood. I was always learning something new. There were also Evaluation days in a parking lot with a cone course and specific riding skills we needed to learn to be safe and do our jobs well as well as how to better handle our bikes. It was a very intensive and a huge learning experience. Again he was patient with us and made suggestions on how to do better as well as showing us how by demonstrating it on the course . . . on a bike. The things I learned then I still use today in my daily driving. As a result of that training, I feel I am a more conscientious driver still. I recommend Mr. Buckley as a trainer/teacher and I trust his insight and ability to get the point across to his students no matter what the lesson. I am forever grateful for him being my boss and also my teacher. ”

Carli F. - Motorcycle Escort